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Scare B&B Block of the Month
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Tutorial Video Posted on our YouTube Channel
Program Details
- 6 Month Program
- Technique Videos posted on "Sc"AirB&B" Facebook Group"
- 52" x 76" with Homespun Background and 100% Wool Applique
- Kits available with all fabric, printed pattern, borders, binding and embellishments!
- Subscription is purchasing 1 kit a month for 6 months to make the Quilt
- PayPal takes payment the day online subscription is made.
- Online Subscriptions placed before the 10th of the month ship on or about the 10th each month.
- Online Subscriptions placed after the 10th, ship on or about the same day of month subscription is initiated. 
- Call in subscriptions payments processed in house, and shipped, on or about the 10th each month.
  - Subscription price includes U.S. Shipping;
- International Shipping requires additional fee, click here for international shipping button or
please email us with shipping address and
we can provide an adjusted cost and personalized subscription.
-Those who do not want to use PAYPAL are welcome to call the shop and subscribe by phone, (606) 784-7235.
SUBSCRIBE BY PHONE! (606) 784-7235

Pattern Correction

Block 1: The steps are GREY Herringbone Wool.
Original :  2” x 41/2” Green Herringbone Wool (Steps 16)

CHANGE :  2” x 41/2” GREY Herringbone Wool (Steps 16)
Block 1: Applique Pieces 27a & b are listed in both Green Wool Roofline and Orange Wool as shutters.  They are only the roofline.
Block 2 :  The roof pieces #2 and #3 are mislabeled on the placement pattern.  2 is the right most portion of the roof.  3 is roof piece in the center. 

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5