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$22.99 A Month for 12 month.
Shipping included!

Finishing Kit Separate purchase.

Program Details
- 12 Month Program
- Technique Videos posted on "Wool Applique" Facebook Group
- 43" x 57" Quilt with Flannel Background and 100% Wool Applique
- Kits available with all fabric, printed pattern, wool, and embellishments!
- Optional finishing kit also available.
- Subscription is purchasing 1 block kit a month for 12 months.
- PayPal takes payment the day online subscription is made.
- Subscriptions begin with block 1.  Please contact us if you have purchased any blocks ala cart.
- Online Subscriptions shipped within 2-3 Business days and on or about the same day of month subscription is initiated. 
- Call in subscriptions payments processed in house, and shipped, on or about the 15th each month.
  - Subscription price $22.99 a month includes U.S. Shipping;
- International Shipping requires additional fee, use international shipping button or please email us with shipping address and
we can provide an adjusted cost and personalized subscription.
-Those who do not want to use PAYPAL are welcome to call the shop and subscribe by phone, (606) 784-7235.
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