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FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions!
Is there a cost to this program? The Block Of the Month is $25 to register and 12 monthly payments of $17.99.
What is the registration fee for? The registration fee subsidizes the monthly kit, helps defray cost of the final set up and covers the upfront expenses Calico Patch is occurring by cutting kits to order so wool and fabric is consistent through the program.
What abut shipping? Free pick up at our quilt shop or $4.00 a month added to monthly fee to have mailed for US.
What about international Shipping? We will work one on one to determine best method and price for international shipping. Please email to discuss. Options include less frequent shipment of multiple kits to offset shipping cost.
What is included? Pattern and all fabric, wool, embellishment (beads, buttons) to make monthly blocks, and set up kit with borders, sashing, and binding.
Can I buy just a pattern? Pattern set will not be available until this BOM program is over (JAN 2021).
What is needed to finish the quilt that is not included? We do not include backing, batting or thread.
What are the threads used? We are using Valdani 12 wt pearl cotton and Size 8 Wool thread. We have a link on our website with the complete list, click “Click here to see threads used and included in Thread Pack!”.
Can I get the threads from Calico Patch? Yes, individually our balls of Valdani are $5.50 and the wool thread is $3.50. They are discounted when sold in our thread packs. The Thread Pack for 12 Days of Wooly Christmas is $65.00. We have an additional saving of 20% off for those who register by December 31st, making the thread pack $52 for a limited time!
How do I register? You are welcome to call Calico Patch at (606) 784-7235 or register online on our website. On the website there are three steps listed. 1– Sign up for the Facebook group, 2– Pay the registration fee, 3– Subscribe to the Auto Ship program. Kits will not be mailed until each step is completed.
Where do I order the thread? You are welcome to call Calico Patch at (606) 784-7235 or choose an option with the register online button on the website.
Is there sales tax? Kentucky Residence will be charged 6% sales tax.
Why is there a shipping charge with the Registration? Due to the nature of the shopping cart of our website, we can not avoid the shipping charges being automatically applied. To account for this we have “lowered” the registration price on the button so that when the shipping charge is added in the final cost is the same.
When will we see the final project? Final Project will be posted on the Facebook page before this Christmas (2019).

What size is the project? Final Project is 34” x 52”.
When will kits be mailed? The monthly kits will go out on or about the 15th of each month.
When will I be charged for the monthly fee? Those who call Calico Patch and register by phone will be charged the registration fee right away and will pay the monthly fee the day we package the kits to put in the mail, on or about the 15th. Those who register online will have their first payment charged that day and then each month on the same day of the month. (I.E If you register on the 5th of December the first payment has been made and each month on the 5th the next payment will occur.) That is the nature of PayPal buttons and we have no way to change it.
How can I pay if I don’t use Paypal? You are always welcome to call the Calico Patch at (606) 784-7235 if you do not want to use Paypal. Paypal has an option to pay with credit card even if you do not have an account.